Below case studies where our consultants have participated in:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 17.33.17Client: large international bank

Problem: Murex Backoffice implementation. The client needed compliance with Dodd Frank and Emir, for automated derivatives processing. The derivatives at the client side included: Swaps, Swaptions, Cross Currency Swaps, FRA’s, Overnight Indexes (OIS),  CDS, Rainbow Options, Cliquet and Ratchet Options.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 22.56.45Solution: Our consultant integrated the Murex backoffice processing software into the client’s environment. Due to the large size of the bank, it required careful coordination with various specialist teams in the bank.

The project consisted of: automatic Swift payments and settlements processing, automatic freeform confirmation generation, subledger accounting processing, automated trade lifecycle processing through interfaces, automated trade insertions from various front office systems such as Front Arena or Finacle Treasury, and counterparty import interface. The downstream processing was further made by a generic interface sending trades downstream. In addition, for a future clearinghouse connection, various trade events, such as novation, were implemented in FpML. Our consultant was implementing interfaces, designing interface specifications and managing the development team consisting of 10 people.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 17.33.17Client: large bank

Problem: High end Client Reporting. The client’s infrastructure for reporting their UHNW (ultra high net worth) client’s portfolio was outdated and information was often available late morning. The goal was to implement a holistic solution covering all the instruments in a scalable manner.

Solution: SimCorp, MarkIT and other financial software tools were implemented. The prices were feed from various bank internal systems and aggregated on time. The challenge was to coordinate the various IT teams ans applications of the bank and also provide accurate and clean data to the UHNW clients. Our consultant acted as the engineering lead, integrating third party software into the client’s environment and in addition, aggregated and reviewed business data.