REMIT Reporting

The REMIT Reporting (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) requirements introduce a high degree of uncertainty and additional challenges. REMIT comes into force on October 7th 2015 for transactions executed at OMPs and six months later, on the 7th of April 2016 the regulation applies for OTC standard as well non-standard supply contracts and transportation contracts. The notification of inside information can be reported over a standard template on the agency’s notification plattform. This notification can be concluded without previous authentication on the plattform. 

It is recommended, if transactions subject to the REMIT reporting are concluded with EU-external counterparties, that a reporting infrastructure is in place.

Our software TRIS solves the regulatory REMIT reporting challenges at a fixed cost with no onsite installation. The key benefits of TRIS are:


bb Customizable dashboard with alerts

bb Access to support cases and notifications

bb Easy to use and intuitive reporting interface

bb E-Mail notification in case of submission errors for compliance monitoring

bb Reporting specific data: FX rates, LEI data, REMIT approved OMPs

bb Responsive Support from 09am to 6pm CET

bb Generation of custom reports out of the web interface for reconciliation

bb Audit-compliant exception handling and logging

bb REMIT reporting: Options, OTC transactions as well wholesale energy market transactions including orders to trade are covered

  • REMIT Supply Contracts
  • REMIT Transportation contracts
  • REMIT OTC Derivatives of energy supply and transportation contracts

bb REMIT Reporting: compliance is always ensured, also in case of updates or changes to the regulation




Request access to our UAT environment where you can familiarize yourself with the software as well the reporting requirements.

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REMIT Reporting